the naturally jagged air of a human

already a fleeting glimpse
of the desperately, with cream smoothened
flakes of indifference reveals:
this is a stencilhuman

the naturally jagged human,
bravely pursuing his flow of thoughts,
escapes the tastemolds effortlessly
and with a smile
for the conservatively adapted.

iris jurjahn, 04.09.2012

translated by christopher Buschmann


I need you
each day
not just once.

compliantly following my commands
at the push of a button
your functions are available.

I am clicking on you in an ecstasy of emotion
input without risk


iris jurjahn, 29.03.2013

translated by christopher buschmann


the functionary

impressing the unknown masses,
he adroitly directs his marionettes,
who devotedly hurry towards him.

flattering him after this time of privation,
without self-respect, naive and insecure,
promises minimal attention.

is it a good life, exploited in the shadow of a self-appointed humanist?

his bittersweet promises corrupt, whet appetite for more,
albeit the certainty of the recurring emptiness,
but who on earth can resist?

reluctantly following agreements, he'll get in touch,
when he needs you
and it suits him – shortly.

iris jurjahn, 05.11.2012

translated by christopher buschmann

in the shrillness of the night

coverd up warmly and having wished for lovely dreams
the door ajar,
the eyes close.

dreams get wings and carry you off
far beyond reality you let loose
and walk a further bit.

what is past comes alive and lets you recognize,
this is just a dream.

back into the dream and forgetting everything
buckling on wings, enjoying the other life,
what it would be like, if..?

at night the call came
the riniging was shrill
for a night my world stood still.

iris jurjahn, 04.01.2013

translated by christopher buschmann

woe to he who remains

the sun shines icy
and words sound hollow
we exchange news
speaking is hard for me.

I'm aching all over
and fear spreads
in the sham feeling of togetherness
memories rush past.

my thoughts are stuck
to many knots in my head
I look to the side
my choice is made.

unity calms down and
conveys warmth,
lets us forget -
in the moment of eternity.

iris jurjahn, 29.03.2013

translated by christopher buschmann 

the parade of the tastewrecked

subjugated to the sweet simplicity
and seduced by lack of meaning
they follow it free from thoughts
in flocks

to the interested beholders,
compliantly following the guidelines of taste,
it is a testimony of true beauty
and precious
while, even so, they suspect nothing

joyful about the flickering diversity
of this simple-mindedness
they follow it unconditionally

iris jurjahn, 04.09.2012

translated by christopher buschmann

the raconteur

his words are alluring
and beam like light
which pervades the room
and surrounds everyone,
turning away is hard.

for what he says and how he says it
shows courage and loyalty
and strengthens
as in ecstasy
fictive and real at the same time.

few see through his game,
break through his spell
for he knows the tricks
and apllies them;
alarming, how, in doing so, he is doing well.

iris jurjahn, 16.05.2013

translated by christopher buschmann